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Swedish Massage:

30 min~$45  60 min~$75  90 min~$110  120 min~$150

Swedish massage is very relaxing, if you’re looking to zone out, or need a restorative session this will do the trick. Swedish massage will stimulate circulation and release stress, affect mood, and alleviate anxiety.

Deep Tissue Massage:

30 min~$45  60 min~$85  90 min~$120  120 min~$160

Deep tissue massage is more stimulating, if you’re looking for a more vigorous session, or have specific problem areas this will do the trick. Deep tissue massage will release chronic patterns of tension, and really get into those painful knotted up muscles.

Hot Stone Massage:

30 min~$45  60 min~$90  90 min~$125  120 min~$165

Hot stone massage works on deeper-seated muscle tension, and sore joints. Heat melts away your natural instinct to tense up, and protect painful areas allowing the therapy to sink in. If you enjoy and respond well to hot baths, heating packs or Jacuzzi sessions you’ll love this type of massage.

Massage Cupping:

30 min~$45  60 min~$90  90 min~$125  120 min~$160

Massage cupping is hard to find, and also incredibly effective while being PAIN FREE. If you’re the type of person that wishes you could have the results of a deep tissue massage but don’t enjoy all the pressure, this is for you. The best part of massage cupping is that it removes inflammation without adding to it, and can be used for common digestive issues. (Magnetic therapy can be added to massage cupping)