Heart VS Head

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It can be difficult to listen to your heart when your head is chattering non stop. This is the first, and most important reason why I started my yoga teacher training. As someone who is mentally “on” as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, and grinding my teeth when I don’t realize it,  I needed a way to find balance. I needed a way to quiet my mind so that I could enjoy the present, instead of worrying about the future or obsessing over the past. Yoga does this for me. Every. Time. Yoga has showed me that I don’t need to love everything, it is possible to take the things you love, and leave the rest. No attachments, no assumptions, no expectations. Of course I need to remind myself of this during stressful times, but I feel that I now have this power that doesn’t need an announcement or praise. It’s just part of me. I love it, and I teach because I want to share that inner peace.

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